This is the building for which 1901 Church, Inc. was named – and the reason for the nonprofit corporation's existence. Founded in 1899, the Trinity Reformed congregation of Jennerstown built Trinity church in 1901. It became a United Church of Christ before closing in 1970. Responding to a threat of demolition during the building's 100th anniversary year, Teresa Stoughton Marafino, whose family had deep roots in the Trinity congregation, formed 1901 Church, Inc. She found available property about 400 yards away, raised money and had the church physically moved to its current location.

Sitting along busy U.S. Route 30 within the historic Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor, the original 1901 Church is situated ideally to serve as a visitor's center and community center. With its high visibility and picturesque setting, the former church could even become a creative commercial space of some type.

If interested in the possibility of repurposing the former Trinity UCC, e-mail